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April 17, 2020


Did you ever wonder how the green influencers achieve those perfect beach waves? Why their skin was that glowy and so clear using only clean beauty ? How comes you use a skincare regiment and your skin is still dull, dry but oily at the same time, tight (too tight) but full of spots? 

The secret of the natural beauty is out !

You probably heard about green beauty and asked yourself what the whole concept was. Like really, how a 16 euros oil could do better than a 60 moisturizer? How a flower water could beat you favorite setting spray? Well, welcome to the wonderful world of the green beauty. We did several blog posts about that (here, here and here) but we never explain to you how you can transition from the dirty conventional beauty to the clean and green beauty world. Here we are, like a perfect white savior in Africa (because everybody knows Africa is that big homogenic land right), to explain you how to transition the smoothest way possible. 

  • Clean Beauty VS green beauty: chose your fighter: Those two terms are quite close in meaning but not exactly the same. The law doesn’t define any of those terms so there is no exact definition. But there is some patterns. Clean beauty isn’t about natural ingredients, it’s more about chemicals that are not problematic for the skin, the livings and the planet. The chemicals have therefore to be human safe, but their extraction and production has also to be planet safe. When you rinse of your conventional cleanser for example, the chemicals in it may pollute the water on a long term, or worst, may be immediately dangerous for you and your health (cancerogenic, endocrine disruptor, and so on). 

Green beauty on the other hand use mainly (only?) natural ingredients. We are talking about oil, flower extract, but also glycerin, for example. As long as the ingredient is natural, without an excessive amount of modification, it can be accepted in the green beauty. Some silicones are from the sand, but they are not natural at all since their transformation makes them very harmful for the environment and clearly not good for hair and skin. 

Therefore, all green beauty is clean beauty but not all clean beauty in green beauty. Choose wisely, according on your needs. You can also mix: having a exfoliator from clean beauty and a moisturizing from green beauty. It’s all about fulfilling your needs. Namur is a green beauty brand, made with 100% natural products, vegan, organic that really wants to enhance you to make you naturally beautiful. 

  • Stick to a brand for beginning. The easiest way to start transitioning is to stick to a routine coming from an only brand. That way, you won’t be looking all over the internet products that may or may not suits you. Besides, you’ll know that all the products are compatible together. Because, be careful, even in clean and green beauty, some ingredients don’t always do well with one and another. Sticking to one brand makes you 100% sure there will be no problem about compatibility. Also, you’ll get your routine all at once, allowing you to quite conventional beauty in a one shot. Namur offers you a line full of amazing products that will suit everyone’s skin. If you are going back and forth between clean beauty and conventional cosmetics, your old products are going to cancel all your effort : sulfates and silicones are the most used chemicals in cosmetics. 

Sulfate is a salt. Added to acid, it becomes a strong detergent. Sulfates are used in dishwashing liquid and laundry soap. It’s also used in shampoo and face cleanser. You see the problem here ? Sulfates are scouring your skin, scalp and hair. And if you use them at the same time as natural products, they will completely take them off, leading you to waste your time, efforts and money. 

Same goes with silicones. Silicones are plastic molecules. They go around your hair and skin to make it look shiner, smoother and sleeker. But what it really does is coating them with a plastic film-like and suffocating them. The scalp starts to be itchy and greasy due to the lack of hydration (since silicones stops the moisturizing from you other products reach the scalp). You face start breaking out, for the same reasons. Again, if you use both conventional cosmetics and clean beauty products, you’ll lose time, efforts and money. 

  • You’ll need to be really patient: switching from awful to super great is going to be a long road. Your skin is going to freak for 3+ weeks, at least. Everything has to leave your face and hair before going better. You’ll break out, your hair will be greasy, dull, flat. You’ll also notice a lot of breakage, hidden before with the silicones. It may be time for a cut. Your skin will be oily, then extremely dry. You’ll have to hang on there, because I promise it will so worth it ! It’s the most important thing : be patient and constant. 

Waouw! What a trip we’ve been through. You now have all the cards to do a perfect transition towards clean beauty. Enroll in our natural army because you deserve the best. Our blog posts and our socials will help you throughout your parkour. Every time you want to give up, remember that you are a queen and you deserve the best. YOU GO GIRL !

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