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February 28, 2020


March, 1st is the national day for grand-mother in France. To all our grannys, we send love and affection, either they are with us or not. Something grannys never fail at is kissing us with their soft skin and smiling at us making all the wrinkles say a story.  What a beautiful map of memories. However, women are told, day after day, Instagram post after Instagram post that the perfect beauty is almost childish, between sixteen and twenty-five. We, at Namur, strongly disagree with that. Beauty was never about age. But we get that you may want to delay wrinkles at all coast and we would rather give you safe tips than bad chemicals ruining your health so you can be naturally beautiful. Here are 3 tricks that will help with your antiaging fight using only green beauty

  • Moisturize your skin two times, every day. One of the main reasons you get wrinkles in the first place is probably dehydration. Like anything organic missing water (your avocado from last week, an old banana, the plant you swore you’ll water but never did), your skin slowly dries out. When your face moves, your skin isn’t hydrated enough to bounce back and wrinkles appears where your skin is the thinnest: around your eyes, on your cheekbones and near your lips. In a wonderful world, our face skin is made of 70% of water. But if you count in cold, pollution, UV (we talked about them here), bad food habits and all of the external factors, your level of water is probably way lower than that. To fight with that, you need to moisturize your skin twice a day. In the morning, use our Daily Moisturizing oil made with 100% of Argan oil that has antiaging proprieties. This oil will also protect you against pollution all day long. After you cleaned thoughtfully you skin at night, use our Orange Blossom Water to hydrate you skin deeply. Then add our Miraculous Antiaging oil to seal the water onto the skin. Made with 100% of prickly pear seeds oil (the cactus pear, yum, and we talked about it here, here and here), it’s the best antiaging oil on earth (we haven’t been on the rest of the universe yet), thanks to all the amino acids, the vitamin K, its antioxidants and essential fatty acids inside. It’s the most precious oil on the planet because of the amount of fruits that you need to make the oil: a ton, literally, of fruits for one liter of oil. Your skin will be hydrated all night long like the Sleeping Beauty you are. 

  • Scrub your face regularly. You can have a great skincare regiment, it won’t be efficient if you don’t scrub. Indeed, if you let all the dead skin at the surface of your face, your skin will look dull and you could clog your pores. Scrubing two or three time per week is a great way to light off the skin and to allow the skin to take entirely all the benefits of your skincare. Remember, hydration is the key to delay wrinkles. Try out one of our beauty home remedies : order our Ghassoul that came to you right from Morocco and put it in a non-iron bowl. Mix some brown sugar, a little bit of warm water and the oil of your choice (we suggest you the prickly oil, since you already have it, right) with a wood spoon. Let it sit for a few minutes and, oh magic, it will rise! Put it on your face and massage it slowly in circle motion. Stay a little bit longer around the noise and avoid your eye area since the skin is so soft there. After that, you become a natural beauty. This DIY works for every skin type, dry, oil and obviously normal skin

  • Use very gentle products. It’s probably the best advice we could ever give you. In the conventional cosmetic world, the use of aggressive chemicals is constant. Flip the bottle of every product that you have and look for barbaric names. If your item has “sulfate(s)” in them or drying alcohols used as preservatives such as “ethanol” get rid of it by giving it to someone who may need it or donating it. Those ingredients are also used in clean beauty products. You have to be very careful in your choices because a drying product will mess up all your effort to keep your skin wrinkle free, even with the best regimen. For example, a harsh makeup remover will dry your skin so much and on such a regular schedule that no moisturizer will save you from wrinkles. You can order our Makeup Remover made with 100% of almond oil and that’s it. No drying preservatives, no harsh sulfates. Just a gentle oil to remove all your makeup without stripping your face from its oil. 

Take a look at our website to find the skincare routine that will suit you like a glove. Our products are vegan and cruelty free cosmetics. At Namur, we do think that wrinkles are beautiful but we know it has always been a frightful topic for women. Try to remember that each and every one of them are a reminder of a passed emotion, felt strongly when it happened: joy, fear, resilience, happiness, anxiety, excitement… Women overcame all of the bad one and cherished the good ones in the deep of their heart. Look at you. Gorgeous.

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