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March 27, 2020


You are a green beauty addict but you just learned your favorite face cream greenwashed you? Come with me to learn how to avoid that situation next time. 

Since a few years – a decade maybe? -  a new kind of cosmetics is booming: the green beauty. It’s all about natural ingredients and production that respect the planet. If you came here, you are in a good path because it means you want to educate yourself about that green beauty to be naturally beautiful. It is a new market full of promises. Big brands and cosmetics groups are now well aware of that. They want their part of that big and juicy green cake (500 millions of euros in 2018, so yeah, juicy) and green washing in one of their weapons. Instead of actually turning into clean beauty (which is more expensive than conventional cosmetics due to noble ingredients and ecological friendly way of producing) they simply rebrand their packaging and use fake arguments to sell their products as more “greener”. This is the greenwashing and it is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary by “making people believe your company is doing more to protect the environment than it really is”. At Namur Cosmetics, clean beauty is not our priority, it’s the reason why we exist. Our one-ingredient-only products are 100% natural, organic and cruelty free cosmetics to make you a natural beauty. To help you navigate the predicaments in your way on clean beauty, here are three common traps that may make you fall into green washing. 

1 – A brand that seems too green. It may be paradoxical but a brand that seems way too green is probably not. If the packaging is green, there is plants all over the bottle and the marketing focuses on how green the product is, it is getting suspicious. Always make your research online before buying anything. If the marketing is a little blurry and the brand is bragging about being ecological. For example, they say their packaging is special when really it is plastic (bio plastic, plastic cellulose…). Our Namur cosmetics have glass packaging, just to be sure our products are eco-friendly and we want our brand to be plastic free by 2020. Greenwashing brands even have logos that screams nature way too loud like a leave or an Earth. It’s weird and the brand is probably lying. Which lead to our second common trap (come on, the transition was smooth).

2 - Learn how to read the INCI list (the Ingredient Nomenclature of Cosmetics Ingredients is basically the list of ingredients in the back of the products). The names of the ingredients are usually in Latin which asks you a little effort. Learn what ingredients you have to avoid at all coast, those banned in green beauty and finally the one that your personal skin/hair doesn’t like. The INCI list of our products are really easy to read, though. All of our products at Namur Cosmetics are made with one powerful oil that will respond to any need your body may need. For example, our Anti-aging cream is made with the oil of cactus pear called prickly pear. Yes, cactus gives fruits and they are de-li-cious. But they also are packed with vitamin K and antioxidants that will preserve the elasticity of your skin, slowing down considerably aging. Give it a try right away and you won’t be able to let go of it. 

3 – Sudden range of green products in a big cosmetic brand. This is probably the biggest trap in green washing. Remember a few years ago, your favorite shampoo from the drugstore from that big brand full of silicones and sulfates (we are talking about bad chemicals for your hair here). Well it now has a little sister from the same brand with a different packaging and a different marketing. There is no label and no certification of organic or eco responsible and yet here it is, all green and shiny with words like “pure” “clean” “plants” stamp on it. Well, bad news, this shampoo is probably as bad for you as your previous shampoos of this brand. Indie brands like ours are the way to go. We are young brands that have a real want to help in climate change. Our Namur products are innovating in the cosmetic world because, as we said before, our products are made with only one ingredient, a first cold pressed oil, organic, right from Morocco. Get more information on our website and become a member of our community. 

Like Bob Ross said, you need light and darkness in life. Greenwashing is the darkness of green beauty. It’s okay, you now have the tools to fight it. Looking for a better way of consumption is already a step in the right direction. You are slowly building a better health for yourself but also a better health to the Earth, and for that, we congratulate you ! Keep the effort up, Beauty !

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