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April 10, 2020


If you are on the north hemisphere, you probably waited for this weather forever. Climate change is real, global warming is real. But when you are a summer baby (just like me) or when you just genuinely like warm weather, you can only be happy when summer comes around. But warmer days also means new needs for our body. Namur is here to help you to be naturally beautiful, under any circumstance. 

Yesterday, my life was full of rain. 

Rainy, foggy, cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon, having zero idea of how to dress… Spring is the prelude to happiness, but we are not quite there yet. It’s still the best time to prepare for summer, though. We decided at Namur to give you the best weapons with our green beauty products. 

  • Protect your skin at all cost: it’s getting a little bit repetitive but in spring, our skin tends to freak out. It’s mainly because of the temperature changing all the time. Cold mornings tend to make the skin very dry but hot afternoons, especially after those cold mornings, are usually freaking out and start to produce a lot of sebum (our natural oil) in order to protect ourselves. The only solution is to moisturize your skin as much as you can. Choose an oil compatible with your skin type and apply it generously right before you go out. That way, the cold won’t dry your skin as much and throughout the day, your skin won’t produce as much sebum. Namur offers you a lot of oils, depending on your skin type. Very dry and tends to be wrinkly? Our organic Miraculous Anti-Aging oil is made for you. Rather on the oily side of the force? Our Daily Moisturizer will help you a lot: made with 100% of argan oil, it will nourish your skin deeply, without greasing your skin. Sensitive skin? Our Sensitive Skin Protection will help you reduce inflammations will deeply hydrating the skin. What you need to remember is to avoid the level changes in the rate of moisturizing. 

  • Sunscreen is mandatory: let’s be clear: sunscreen is mandatory all year around. Either it’s really sunny or raining like never. There is something called the UV, coming right from the sun, burning our skin and hair, all the time. You may have heard of it. Anyway. We tend to think that if the sky is grey then we are protected but no. There is UV all the time, that’s how we get the light every day on earth. Therefore, you should wear sunscreen all the time. But the closer the sun is to us (spring and summer), the higher our protection has to be. Some oils can protect you from the UV. You can for example use our Body Moisturizing made with 100% of coconut oil. Coconut oil is a great natural sunscreen, not as strong as a conventional one but conventional cosmetics are that effective due to dirty components. Coconut oil is a great deal then, best of both world if you will. Put it all over your body: it will help keep your skin hydrated while protecting you from the sun. Same for your hair. And I see some of you coming. You probably heard something like “oils under the sun burns the hair and the skin because warmed oils burn”. Yeah, that’s true… If the hot point is above 200° celsus… And we are way far from that, I promise. In addition to sunscreen, try to walk in the shad and wear hat that will hide your face from the sun. 

  • Everything comes from within: finally, never forget that no matters how good your skin regiment is, if you don’t take care of your plate and bottle, your routine is useless. So yeah, eating healthy is a big trend and you hear it all the time and it’s annoying at this point. I get it. So, let’s just do some baby steps: drink the biggest amount of water possible. Got yourself a cute bottle, flask, tumbler, whatever, and let it near your desk. Drink from it all the time, with a straw (metal or glass, there is some cute ones on the market) and fill it every time it’s empty. Another benefit is that you’ll spend so much time peeing, you’ll stay out of everyone’s drama. Two birds one stone, right? Also, if you have a sweet tooth, eat all the fruits you can. Full of vitamins, they are a better alternative to candies and cookies (but still have some cookies, we are no Victoria Secret’s Angel). You can also take a look at some smoothies’ recipes: put spinach in all of them. It will look green, but you won’t taste it. A great way to have some vegetables. There is always a way to eat better and at Namur, we know you want the best to yourself, because you are that Queen!

So YEAH, finally, better and warmer days are yet to come. But there is no way Namur will let you destroy yourself under a shining sun. Enjoy those time but always remember to never waste, either it’s food, water, fuel or anything else. I love summer and I love hot weather, but our current weather isn’t natural. It’s global warming. It’s climate change. It’s the earth hurting. Be mindful with your consumption. We understand that not everyone can cut drastically theirs but trying to stop waste is already a great starting point. Stay healthy, cover up and do good. We trust you about that zero waste life, queen. 

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