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January 29, 2020


You are a wannabe Wonder Woman and your main fight is climate change? Follow our tips to start that combat from one of the easiest places: your bathroom. 

Today, climate change is one of our main problem as a nation. The 50s may have had cute pin-up dresses, red lipstick/black liner combo and voluminous hairstyles, it also had massive industrialization, plastic development and started the use of dangerous chemicals in everyday products, especially in the cosmetic world. Now, our planet can not take any more of our consumption and we need to drastically reduce our waste and change our habits in order to slow down things. You obviously can’t resolve global warming all by yourself but some minor and easy changes right from your bathroom can reduce drastically your ecological footprint. Learn about a more natural beauty.

Follow me in that adventure, Wonder Woman, and discover your true powers. You got this. 

  • Try to avoid plastics at all coast: it’s not a secret anymore. Plastic is the number one enemy of the earth, especially single-use plastic. Plastic was invented in 1880 but was initiated and highly developed after World War II, so around 60 years ago. Plastic takes around 1000 years to disappear which means almost every plastic ever made is still on earth, wandering in ocean and soil. Even reusable plastic has to be left out because at the end only a few percentages get to be recycled (only 9% is actually reused according to the National Geographic website). Then what? You can try glass bottled products because glass is recyclable forever. Literally forever. Glass is made with sand melted at incredible high temperatures. Therefore, glass can be melted again and again and always be reused. Our brand Namur Cosmetics uses glass for 80% of our total packaging. We want to be plastic-free by 2020

  • If there are too many ingredients, stay away: same as plastics, the use of harsh chemicals made its great debut in the 50s. Silicones, parabens, phthalates in polishes, phenoxyethanols… Barbaric names for, let’s be honest, barbaric ingredients. Lead was also a big thing in cosmetic because it gave lipsticks and eyeshadows vibrant and unequaled colors. But hey, too bad it was killing women, right? Clean beauty is the way to go because today the legislation is kind of unequal around the world. In the EU, it is tight but not tight enough to eradicate all of the controversial ingredients, like the use of endocrine disruptors are. USA is way looser in its registration. Consequently, you have to be careful in your buying. If the list of ingredients is very long, it’s not even worth your attention. Our products at Namur cosmetics are a one-ingredient only products, made with first cold pressed oil. You can also look for labels and certifications that may help you : organic, rainforest (promising that the products won’t harm the nature) and so on. Never forget, you can be naturally beautiful

  • Single-use items are so 2010: at the beginning of this decade the use of pads, tampons and single-use cotton pad was totally normal except for a few people who were avant-gardists and awake way before we were. They tried to warn us, we didn’t listen. Now we know and it’s time to take action. There is reusable tampons and hygienic pads on the market. They can seem expensive (and they honestly are) but they are quickly profitable after a few periods. For cotton pad, you can also buy them and zero waste shop, online or IRL, can be very helpful. If you are on a budget or a crafter at heart, you can also easily DIY it by simply cutting an old t-shirt and sewing two pieces together to get a square shape, approximately the size of your hand. You can now use it with our Namur Cosmetics makeup remover made with organic almond oil that will take off your makeup without aggressing your skin or stripping in it of its natural oil

As a consumer, you have the power to change the game. Start today the change you want to see happen and try our products. 

You have now all the keys to be a climate change warrior. These are only minor changes and yet, they do big. Green beauty is the future, not only for our planet but also four our health. A bonus point? Namur Cosmetics are cruelty free cosmetics. Enroll now in this battle by our side. Our planet needs super heroes like you. 

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