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February 21, 2020


Is your hair extremely dry? Have you been putting it in a bun all February, exhausted just by thinking about taking care of it? Is it dull? Rough? Do you notice an impressive rise of split ends? Welcome to the sad club of DDHW: desperate dying hair in wintertime. 

Try those 3 tricks to save your hair this winter. 

It’s no secret. Winter is mean to our mood, to our skin and to our hair. We saved your skin a few weeks back and protected it as best as we can. Now it’s time for your luxurious hair to be loved. Follow us and take a look at our website to see our new range of organic oils for skins and hair. 

  • avoid chemicals at all coast. You probably heard this one over and over again but it’s because it’s true! Chemicals are bad for you, your health, your skin, your hair AND the environment. Why would you like to use them then? Well I know: the mainstream cosmetic world products are usually cheaper because of those bad chemicals : cheap to produce and cheap to sell. But they also mess up with you by destroying more than helping your hair and skin and health. How? Most chemicals in cosmetics are used because they have stabilization, preservation or embellishing proprieties. Globally, it’s all about keeping the product long enough on the shelves of the stores and making you look beautiful. Yes, only LOOKING beautiful. Because in reality, it’s only made up « makeup ». Silicones for example smooth the skin and sleek the hair. But silicones also suffocate the scalp and lock up the hair, stopping any moisture that may come to them. Same for skin. It’s also very bad for the planet because it’s very polluting to make and stays in the water forever (we are talking about centuries here). And it’s only one example. So please, try products that are chemicals free, just as our range of cosmetics at Namur. Clean beauty is the way to go. At Namur, we want the best for you and we want to make you naturally beautiful, not to make you look beautiful, and there is the difference. Click here to access our web site with all of our 100% natural, cruelty free cosmetics and vegan products for hair and skin.

  • Protect them outside. Entering the green beauty circle is great. But the combo sun + cold is still super bad for your hair. And be aware: it’s not because the sky is grey that there is no sun. From sunrise to twilight, no matter the weather, there is sun and therefore there are UV (the ultraviolet) on the sun rays. UV are not so good for you. You can use sunblock to your skin but it’s more complicated for your hair. If you are comfortable, use a turban or a scarf on your hair. It’s a super cute accessory. Chose it silky to smooth the cuticles of your hair. If you like your hair free all day, at least put any sort of hat on it when your outside. Wrap your hair in a protective style (braids, buns...) and cover it delicately with your beanie or a fedora if you are a seasoned fashionista. Finally, you can also bet on a wig, the best solution if you want to look polished all the time and yet get your hair protected during this winter. You should see an improvement really quickly and become a natural beauty very quickly. 

  • Never skip oil. On a daily life, hair is moved around all the time, from head thrown back, in a bun to simply your hair scrubbing against your chair at work or your sofa at home. The results are hair flexing in every possible way. If the hair is dry, it will break, and the breakage will lead to split ends (one strand of hair splitting into two, weakened, hair breaks even more). The one way to avoid that is oil bath. Oil bathing is a life savior. We are talking more deeply about that here. But the principle is simple: the more nourished the hair, the less breakage it gets. The hair is so hydrated that it gets soft and flexible. Our Hair Boost is perfect for that. Made with 100% of organic castor oil, it will transform drastically your hair. It's one of our beauty home remedies that will really change your vision of cosmetics. Besides, since it’s first cold pressed, all the goods of the oil are kept. Click here to read our article about all the benefits of castor oil for your hair, including protection, hair growth and nourishment. 

Get more information on our products and let the magic of Namur does its thing. Until then, try those three tricks to minimalize the impacts of winter on your hair. It may looks like it’s hard at first; change is hard, let’s be honest. But it’s for the best and improvement is coming really fast. Don’t give up : you got it, girl !

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