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January 29, 2020


If your hair is dull, breaking, falling, let me give you Rapunzel’s secret !

We have all heard the tale of Rapunzel, that princess locked in a tower with an enormous length of blond hair that she let hang down. Her hair is strong and so full her prince charming can literally use it as a rope to climb the tower and meet with Rapunzel. Breakage who? 

On my adult life, my hair never grew past my shoulder’s blades. And if so, the ends are so bad I just cut it all off. The quality of the hair is just not that great anyway. It’s usually dull, slobby and the overall hold isn’t that great. So, scissors are my best friend. Health over length, they say. At the end of the day, I always wanted long hair but never achieve that goal. We are no princesses and we don’t have a magic flower that would all of the sudden make our hair growth inches… Right?

Learn how you can transform your hair into Rapunzel’s!

In the green beauty world, we do have one magic plant that stimulate the scalp enough to make hair grow … Castor! Not the animal, obviously. But you may have heard of this plant in the name of it oil: Castor Oil. 

Our Hair Boost made with castor oil is a first cold pressed oil, which means the oil has kept all of the benefits from the fruits, compared to other oils that are pressed in hot temperatures that would crush those good proprieties. We package our oil in a glass container which also participates to preserve it integrity but also suit a zero waste life. Our Hair Boost is vegan and we are proud to offer you cruelty free cosmetics. Castor Oil is, to this day, the best oil for hair growth. How come, you may ask. Well, let me give you three reasons why it’s amazing for your hair.

1 – Promotes hair growth: castor oil is packed with fatty acids, amino acids and vitamin E that will help your hair grow faster but also stronger. Applied directly to the scalp, the oil penetrates the skin right by the holes where your pieces of hair come from. The parts of the scalp where the hair is contently forming is now full of those fatty acids but especially with the amino acids which are responsible of the formation of the pieces of hair. Therefore, hair comes out of the scalp quicker and stronger since it’s so well “nourished”. 

2 – Helps fallen hair to grow back: castor oil has also that amazing properties to make hair grow back hair that fell for punctual reasons (stress, change of weather…). Again, amino acids are to thank, especially ricinoleic. They go right under the scalp and, you know the drill, pack the bulb of the hair your hair grows back. Bonus: it also works for lashes and brows. And if your hair got weaker, ricin oil is going to save it, almost as magically as Rapunzel’s hair. 

3 – Beautifies and protects length: castor oil of quality, like our Hair Boost, is very thick and viscous. That special consistency sheaths your hair and make it thicker (due to that extra coat), shiner, slicker and protected from outside attacks such as cold weather (we talked to you about this here) and you easily avoid breakage that way.

You now know Rapunzel’s secret! Order our Hair Boost right now and you’ll see how magical this product is. It is suitable to all hair type, from 1 type to 4C type. Your hair will be naturally beautiful and protected.

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