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January 10, 2020



It’s cold, it’s raining, there is no light and no sun : it’s time to Netflix and Chill with yourself.

You may have notice, if are not lucky enough to live in the southern hemisphere (hello fellows Africans, Aussies and Kiwis) that January is the worst month of the year. So yeah, it’s a new beginning, you have a lot of projects, great resolutions are taken and all… But let’s be honest: no sun, cold temperatures, short days are many reasons why our mood and our body are a little bit down. When it comes to the mood, Netflix is always there for you. A great book does the trick too, always with a hot chocolate and a warm blanket. But when it comes to our body, it’s getting a little bit more complicated. So here we are with our best advices to keep your skin and your hair on track with naturals products.


We don’t want no dry skin, no dry hair!


If you haven’t been a victim of dry skin in winter, we applause you because having itchy and tight skin is the most unpleasant feeling. Our face is suddenly pale and dry patches appear where the skin isn’t hydrated enough. Wrinkles can also happen for the same reason. And like it was not enough, our hair is scratchy, flabby and get thinner and thinner due to breakage. Indeed, added to our weather, hair is constantly aggressed by rough pullover, scarves and bennies. Because yes, in winter, our skin and our hair are weaker, thanks to the weather. They tend to be less effective at retaining moisture due to cold and dry atmosphere. Morever, conventional cosmetics have synthetic ingredients that add to the dryness. Here at Namur, we want you to be a natural beauty. So here are our tricks to treat ourselves naturally on winter! Learn instantly!


Winter is not a fatality for our body!


It’s therefore the perfect time to switch our skincare regiment to a winter ritual that will protect, nourish and hydrate our skin. This what our beauty company has to offer. Oils have now entered the chat.


  • Moisturize our face EVERYDAY. Yes, every morning and every night. As we said earlier, the low temperatures and the lack of humidity in wintertime dry our skin out really quickly. If we were able to get away with lightly moisturizing in the morning and even skipping some days (we all know it, don’t deny) out of laziness, winter won’t be able to forgive that. On a fresh cleaned face, spray a few drops of our Orange Blossom Refreshing Face Lotion. 100% natural, the smell is amazing, and you get toning, antibacterial AND regenerative proprieties in that bottle. How can you be in a bad mood after that? Then you need a strong oil to keep the moisture inside your skin and also to nourish it. Our Daily Face Moisturizing made with organic argan oil right from Morocco will be a great ally for oily, dry or normal skin. If you are on a more mature side, add our organic Miraculous anti aging oil full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids fast because it will firm your face while you enjoy its nourishing proprieties. If it’s sensitive, stop every conventional products you are currently using ; they are highly packed with irritating chemicals and it is only going to be worst and worst. In this cosmetic world, you should try clean beauty to calm your skin. Give a try to our Aloe Vera oil that will penetrate you skin deeply to regenerate and appease it. If you wear makeup, our makeup remover with almond oil with take it all off and leave your skin soft and clean.
  • Your body is nourished and protected from the cold thanks to our body moisturizing, a virgin coconut oil that will firm your body and hydrate your skin. Winter can not break that. If you have stretch marks and if you are self-conscious about them (you should not but we get that it may take a long time to accept them), our body moisturizing will help to fade them away.  

  • Our hair also needs all our attention. Once or twice a week (depending on your hair texture and it health) on non-clean hair, do an oil mask. Just put your favorite oils on your hair, put a cap or a bonnet on it and wrap it all under a hot towel. Leave in for a few hours (for our newbies in the green beauty, welcome, yes, oils have to stay hours in our hair to be efficient), watch a good show and then wash it twice and go on with your usual routine. Obviously, we wouldn’t let you without any recommendation. It’d better if the oil(s) that we use is first cold pressure to keep all the benefits of the oil. Otherwise, a lot of them are lost in heat, just like our regular vegetables. Namur offers some great oils, suitable for all of the family haircare (your parents and sibling will thank you). Our Hair Boost is made with Castor oil, the favorite oil of Cleopatra! It’s the most famous oil to grow hair because it is full of amino acids and vitamin E. You can apply it directly on the scalp and it will give good nutrients to the hair for growth. On the length, you can pack Black Cumin Oil hydrate, repair and protect your hair.


Experience now our beauty home remedies to spend our winter hydrated, nourished and protected from the cold.

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