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Our adventure begins with a Coconut Oil product, back in 2016. In 4 years, we have added 11 others products to our line, all based on pure natural ingredients. Our products’s names are linked to their functions and not their contents for one reason: we want to simplify the act of consuming natural cosmetics


Nowadays, the beauty standards sponsored leads to give a wrong message to women: « you are not enough beautiful just as you are ». Moreover, to make the industry more profitable, 90% of the providers use chemicals. At the end of the day, it’s not the quality of the product the consumer buys, it’s the marketing around it. We came on this market to change the rules: we use only natural ingredients. Quality, Meaning and Empowerment is our Mantra.


“Namur” means jaguar in Arabic. “Let express your wildness” is a sentence that we often us in our advertising. Indeed, we are here to enhance natural wild beauty. We lead a revolution for acceptance and diversity. We want our consumers to use our products to naturally nourish and improve their skin for real and not to hide imperfections and create an illusion of standardized beauty. For us, all women are beautiful the way they are and each one of them deserves the best products.


We use glass for the majority of our products to reduce the environmental impact. Our Prickly pear oil and Argan oil are organic. They have 2 certifications. We have the ambition to become one of the cleanest brand on the cosmetic market by going plastic free by 2022. Come help us in this fight by supporting us. 

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